She Said WHATT?

You thought about it. I said it.

The Vegan Challenge.


I love cheese. I love the way it melts and completely transforms into gooey yumminess so delicious you have to make up words to describe it. I love the vast variety of cheeses and how they have the ability to upticks the savor of any meal. I also love cheese the most when it’s lazily laying on a bed of sauce and dough topped with pepperoni.

Ah, peperoni…Which brings me to meat. I am a carnivore. Chicken, turkey, beef, you name it, I love it. But above all the cheeses and meats, if i had to choose my last meal on death row, it would definitely be a big simmering pot of my Momma’s seafood paella. 

I’ve been a meat eating cheese loving gal with a penchant for seafood since I had enough teeth to chew, which is why what I am about to type is a shock to me: I have committed to adopting a vegan DIET for 22 days.

Yep. I am quitting all food products that contain animal products from cold turkey. But of course, since I’m always looking to bend some rules, I am going to do this my way. By definition, veganism as a practice involves the eradication of all animal products from one’s life, and I love a leather shoe too much to even consider such a change, so that’s off the table. I will solely be using this opportunity to learn about the benefits of a vegan diet while keeping all of the other aspects of my life consistent. I’ll be accomplishing this with a WHOLELOTTAHELP from Google, obsessive reading of labels, moral support from friends and family, and of course there has to be an angle to write about to make it all worth it😉.

I am by no means a chef of any sorts so what I will not do is bore all those who wish to follow on my journey with photos of my ill-prepared food @cookingforbae style, (No promises that they won’t be peppered in!) but what i will be doing is chronicling my personal health on the most superficial level ever–Via the state of my skin, hair, nails etc. C’mon, if you know me, you should have seen this coming! 

Through my line of work and personal interest I’ve been a product whore to every imaginable brand, but we all know the real power of beauty comes from being radiant from the inside out, your skin is a reflection of your diet. Oh, and did I mention I am already the most stubborn lactose intolerant who has allergic reactions to dairy, yet doesn’t really care? Yep. I have been pretty much ignoring my body’s request to leave dairy alone. 

So here’s what to expect: Blogs chronicling my journey because, DUH!

Here is what I will be monitoring: 

Skin, specifically acne, overall evenness of complexion and how quickly dark spots heal
My Keratosis Pilaris (an incurable hereditary skin condition I’ve been battling since…forever)
Allergies (because I am a sneeze machine)
Energy levels
AND of course my weight which i will be chronicling privately and sharing the end results 

And the goal…the goal is to challenge myself to something new, commit to something new, and to be more conscious about how what we put into our body can affect the skin we’re in as it is the essential base to every beauty trend we ever can and ever will love.

So, I enjoyed a few meatballs and cheesy pasta last night as a farewell, revamped my entire fridge and cabinets with vegan-only options, and survived a full conference room full of meat and cheese platters sent by the devil to test my patience and here I am.

Here’s to challenging myself, my taste buds, and to you keeping up with my journey. 

P.S. Corona and Jose Cuervo are TOTALLY FUCKIN’ VEGAN.


P.P.S Please forgive me using this old blog space, something new will be up soon🙂

The Only Truth.


We are all figuring it out.

Of that is the only thing I am sure. Of all the tangible items in the world, of all the wealth and all the joyous knowledge we’re been able to amass since the dawn of day upon man, two things have remained constant, death and that one promise. The promise that no matter the path we take in life, no matter the triumphs, nobody ever, ever has it all figured out.

The “it” is a variable. 

I recall being in my late teens and scribbling random thoughts in a red fabric bound journal that were preceded by “It’s 2:34 a.m. and I can’t sleep.” I would wait for the silence of the dark skies and linger in the solitude I needed to figure “it” out, whatever “it” was at the time. Musings of a crush. Pondering’s of a future unwritten. Solving for X. All trivial.

The point of this all is to say this: I have finally figured out the illusive art of just figuring it out: *Love abundantly, laugh with all your might, release negativity and eliminate the weight of worry.

Take comfort in knowing that we’re all just winging it anyway.

I said it.


*Note to self.

I promise to love you better, just give

I promise to love you better, just give me some time to make some time. 

‎”Tell your hea…

‎”Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.” -Paulo Coelho

What if we all let go? Let go of what we thought were our dreams and lived truly and passionately with the hunger pangs of desire to taste our true destiny? 

Would our palettes ever be satisfied? 

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 12.51.18 AM

Fewer beautiful things have been said.

The Ladies Will Always Love Frank Ocean

When Frank Ocean sings, I listen. But when Lonny Breaux writes, something else happens. Waves of a new consciousness envelope me and suffocate my ability to comprehend how all of these perfectly constructed words can take on a life of their own.

Nostalgia, Ultra was the soundtrack to an entire summer of searching. It played in constant loop as I went on journeys I assumed would lead to finding myself post-college graduation. I never really knew if I was coming, going, settling or growing, but hearing those songs will always bring me back to a time of fleeting fear and freedom, a place I am sure someone on the brink of revealing their sexuality frequents.

I had no idea who Frank Ocean was personally, I knew nothing of his personal story, but I knew I loved him and I knew I would continue to love him song after song, track after track. I knew one mixtape in, that he would always be my Nostalgia, Ultra.

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The Capsule Lust.

I am a girl who loves to shop. Shocking, huh? It isn’t so much about the acquisition of items than it is about the act of just walking around and surveying trends and noting what stores are carrying and what people are falling in love with. 

But every once in a while I fall in love. Hard. And it almost always seems to happen with brand collaborations and capsule collections. This week H&M launched their much-anticipated limited collection with Maison Martin Margiela. The line consisted of re-issues of pervious seasons’ designs at a lower price point. Uh, hello what ISN’T there to love about that? 

Naturally as a style blogger I kept readers in the know with every detail of the line and eventually the full lookbook, but nothing appealed to me quite like the Candy clutch, a re-issue of the clutch from the line’s 2010 spring collection. Sweet love at first site. 

Of course NYC was swarming with Margiela lovers who were looking to get their hands my beloved bag, but a quick trip to Jersey revealed a well-stocked collection. As a busty gal, the collection fit my chest area a little strange, so I opted for three items to love as my own. Check them out below.

Trompe l’oeil fishnet leggings

I cant wait to pair these with an oversized coat and a fierce red lip. I love the nude leg illusion, perfect to sex things up when it’s a little chilly out. Check them out on the runway on the left.

ImageMaison Martin Margiela for H&M Candy Clutch Bag

The candy clutch is a re-issue of the pink one on the right. I got my little bag loving hands on the silver and plan on having a whole lot of accessorized fun with it. Check out the original on the right. Image

I also lusted over the Plexi-heel nude pumps, but I snapped right out of my impulse consumerism before making it to the checkout. They were lovely though. 


Did you shop the Margiela for H&M collection? What were your favorite finds?